Hammer Vaporizer Repair Service

The Hammer Vaporizer is extremely durable. However, sometimes things happen and your trusty Hammer may have gotten run over by a car, dropped from an helicopter or accidentally mistaken for another type of hammer.

The Hammer Vaporizer Repair Service was created to help you get your Hammer fixed if it's no longer covered by our standard warranty. Please purchase this item only if your Hammer Vaporizer requires service and:

  • Your Hammer is past the 1-year warranty period.
  • You did something to your Hammer that voided your warranty.
  • You did not purchase your Hammer directly from an authorized retailer.

Hammer Repair Service includes:

  • Determination of whether or not your Hammer is fixable.
  • Repair of any fixable issues and tune-up to insure it's working optimally.
  • Pre-paid shipping label you can use to send your broken Hammer to us. (U.S. Only)
  • Return shipping fees for us to send your repaired Hammer back to you. (U.S. Only)

When you purchase this item, we will email you within 1-2 business days with a printable pre-paid shipping label and instructions for sending your Hammer to us. Once we receive your Hammer, we will contact you to let you know if it can be repaired. Please allow 2-4 weeks for any repairs to be completed and your Hammer to be shipped back to you.

If you purchased your Hammer from an Authorized Reseller and it is still within the 1-Year Warranty, please contact to initiate a claim.

Personalize your Hammer with a Custom Stem

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