I love The Hammer!! I started using it two months ago and have switched to it exclusively. I am no longer a "smoker." After smoking for more than 20 years, I now only vaporize. The Hammer is so convenient, portable and easy to use, especially compared to other vaporizers I've experienced. Plus I love the little "toolbox" it comes in that makes it so handy to keep together and carry. Thanks for making such an awesome product!!

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I had only used a plug-in/box vaporizer before I tried the Hammer and there is NO comparison. With the box devices you wait minutes for the vape to reach proper temperature and still only get a wispy vapor. The Hammer heats up fast and is so satisfying. It's like using my lighter but without the harsh smoke. Plus, I can take it anywhere. I'm a convert!

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After having 30+ vaporizers, I can say that I'm mostly impressed by the Hammer. The airpath is very clean and so the vapor is very flavorful, and good vapor density is easily achieved. The small bowl is my main issue, but it isn't really an issue. A good vaporizer through and through.

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I'm impressed. I love the taste, no butane at all inhaled. Thank you Hammer Vape, you have got me feeling fine and a believer in butane vapes done right.

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