General Questions

How does the Hammer work?

  • A small stainless steel heat exchanger allows the flame to effectively toast your tobacco without ever exposing the tobacco to the flame. The patent pending design directs the flame around the outside of the heat exchanger and out the top of the Hammer.  Meanwhile, your clean air is heated up to proper vaporization temperatures as it passes through the inside of the heat exchanger.
  • To learn more, please view the instructions or watch the video.

What type of fuel does that Hammer use?

  • The Hammer uses standard butane fuel that can be purchased at your local home improvement, drug or tobacco store for around $5. The fill valve fits the most common universal tips and works with almost any butane canister. A single canister of butane will refill the Hammer 40-50 times and last 1-2 months under average usage.

Why does the Hammer use butane instead of batteries/electric like most other Vaporizers?

  • Higher Energy Density: When comparing the same volume of battery to butane, the butane squeezes more energy into the same sized space. This translates into more operating time for the same sized “fuel tank”. The Hammer holds enough fuel for more than a day of personal use.
  • Fast Warm-Up Time: The intense heat of a butane flame allows the Hammer to deliver an intense vapor within 30 seconds.  That's thirty seconds faster than the next fastest portable vaporizer.
  • More Control: A battery powered unit has electrical controls and therefore a maximum temperature. You only get the experience that the manufacturer wants you to have… slow and wispy. The Hammer has a fuel valve that you can crank up for faster more aggressive use or turn down for a more gentle vapor.

Am I inhaling butane exhaust when I use the Hammer?

  • No.The Hammer’s patent pending design keeps your clean air separate from the flame.  When you make successful contact between the glass mouthpiece and the metal all of your air comes through the heat exchanger and all of the hot butane exhaust comes out of the top vent (well away from your clean air intake).

Using the Hammer

How do I know if my Hammer is hot enough?

  • You should feel a very dry, parching heat on your tongue when inhaling and the tabacco should change to a toasted brown color. You should be able to exhale a very visible vapor. If this is not happening:
  • Try waiting a bit longer during the initial warm-up period. Proper warm-up is essential.
  • Adjust the fuel valve to the right to increase the flow of butane.

I am having trouble inhaling. What can I do?

  • It is very important to have a clean screen in the glass mouthpiece.  A dirty screen will limit air flow and prevent vaporization. When you take a breath through the mouthpiece the airflow should feel unobstructed.  If you cannot see through screen it needs to be cleaned or replaced. 
  • The screen can be quickly cleaned by using a flame to burn off the accumulation or by scraping it with the nail. Replacement screens can be purchased at and your local tobacco store.

What do I do if I can’t see the blue indicator light or the flame won’t stay lit?

  • Check the fuel level window to make sure that there is plenty of butane in the Hammer.
  • If there is plenty of fuel, move the fuel valve all the way to the left (lowest setting). If the fuel valve is set too high, the flame can become unstable and blow itself out.
  • Very cold temperatures can also make the flame too small. If you are in a cold environment, move the fuel valve to a higher setting to increase the flame size.

What does it mean if my plant matter catches fire?

  • This happens when the air is too hot. Move the fuel valve to a lower setting and/or try a shorter warm up period.
  • Make sure that the screen is clean. A dirty screen can also limit airflow so much that the tobacco will catch fire.

How do I know when the plant matter is completely vaporized?

  • This will vary based on personal preference. Some users prefer to lightly toast the tobacco, until it is light brown. Others will prefer a more complete vaporization, where the tobacco turns a very dark brown color.

The Hammer seems to be working correctly, but nothing is happening when I inhale. What should I do?

  • The trick is to use a very slow, consistent draw on the mouthpiece. If you inhale too quickly, you are actually lowering the temperature. A slow, measured breath will maintain higher temperatures needed for proper vaporization.
  • Vaporization will be hindered by moist tobacco. Because water boils at relatively low temperatures, it is always the first thing to vaporize. If your tobacco is very wet, you will spend a lot of time using the Hammer to dry it out. If you start the process with very dry material, vaporization will happen much faster.

Sometimes my Hammer works perfectly and other times it doesn’t. What is happening?

  • The temperature of the butane affects how the Hammer performs.  Use different fuel valve settings to compensate for this. If the butane is cold the flame will be small and you can adjust by pushing right to open the valve. If the butane is warmer the flame will be bigger and you can adjust by pushing left to close the valve.

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