Get a Hammer for only 10,000 pennies ($100) to celebrate reaching 10,000 feet above sea level

This weekend, we took the Hammer up in a skydiving jump plane and tested it's ability to function at higher elevations. The Official Hammer Vaporizer Altitude Test was a huge success and we are excited to announce that we can verify first-hand that the Hammer continued to function at altitudes as high as 10,000 feet above sea level.

To celebrate reaching 10,000 feet, we are offering the special price of 10,000 pennies ($100) for the FIRST 10 PEOPLE that purchase the Hammer using this link. That's $40 off the full retail price!

The performance of the Hammer and other butane powered vaporizers at higher elevations was a topic up for debate in the official Hammer Vaporizer thread on Although Vapor Movement Blog professed to have tested the Hammer up to 10,000 feet above sea level, it was important for us to be able to verify this claim with total certainty so we could assure our Colorado friends and others around the world that the Hammer was going to work above 6000 feet.

It was suggested we find a local skydiver and get them to take it up with them and test it on the ascent during a jump. We decided to take it one step further and actually rent a seat on the jump plane. Not only did the Hammer work above 6000 feet, it continued to function without fault until over 10,000 feet.

Please keep in mind we were not testing vaporization at these altitudes, as the owner of the plane would not have approved doing so, we were only testing the Hammer's ability to ignite the butane powered flame.

We will be posting a video as soon as we have time to edit down the 40+ minutes or so of footage (which also includes pretty sweet footage of two guys jumping from the plane during the test) into a shorter video, but in the meantime, here are some pics and results from the Official Hammer Vaporizer Altitude Test:

We tested at Fly Free Skydiving in Festus, Missouri. Great people, you can check out their website at

The plane. It's even smaller than it looks if that's possible. Seats pilot and four people packed in like sardines. I still have a cramp in my leg.

Skydiver coming in while we're waiting. She was celebrating her 60th birthday by jumping for the first time with her daughters and grand kids watching from the ground.

Door swings open. I say "Holy Shit!". Two guys bail.

Hammer ignites like a champ at 5970 feet AGL. Denver here we come!

Hammer still working at 9,600 feet AGL. Skiers and snowboarders all over the world cheer with joy (okay, I made the last part up).

A few notes about the test:

  • The purpose of the test was to determine if the butane would ignite and burn at high altitudes, so we decided to remove the heat exchanger so it could be clearly seen when the flame was and wasn't igniting. The pictures below show the top of the Hammer glowing red when lit. This glowing DOES NOT occur during normal use. When the heat exchanger is in the Hammer, the flame is in direct contact with it and does not heat up the metal vent on the top as it did during the test. The heat exchanger being present will not in any way affect whether or not the butane will ignite, it only puts it in the direct path of the flame, rather than the top vent.
  • The cabin of the plane was not pressurized at any time, in fact there was a opening the size of my fist in the right door of the plane. We were assured the air inside the plane at any given moment was ambient air and the level of oxygen in the air was basically the same as it would be standing on the ground at the same elevation. We tested the entire time during ascent and did a full circle at 9,600 feet AGL and at 6000 feet AGL on the way down, so there was ample time to test at both altitudes.
  • On the highest setting, the Hammer was still working at 9,600 feet AGL, although on lower settings it was getting spotty and not igniting as easily. It's possible it could work at even higher altitudes, but we are more than happy saying that the maximum suggested functional altitude is 10k feet above sea level. If anyone takes it higher than that and get's it to work, we would love to hear the story.
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.

Written by Hammer Store Admin — October 30, 2012

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