The Hammer Vaporizer Meme Contest has been one for the ages! We had over 90 clever, hilarious and creative memes submitted and choosing a winner was no easy task as many of the entries were worthy. But in every contest there has to be winners...

We wanted to once again thank EVERYONE that participated in the contest. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated and your memes have spread across the web like a wildfire to live on forever in the vast expanse of the internet.

As a token of appreciation, we have decided to give out a BONUS free Hammer. Why? Because we love all of the effort you all put into this contest and felt it was the least we could do.

Furthermore, we are offering an additional 10% off our current Super Bowl sale prices to ANYONE that submitted meme. You just need to send us an email at, message us on Facebook, send us a direct message on Twitter or a private message us on and we will reply with a link to the special pricing just for memers (is that a word?). Please let us know which meme you submitted and which Hammer special you are interested in (Standard Package or Super Bowl Bundle). Don't delay though, this offer is only good until the sale ends on Monday.

"Blah, blah, blah... let's just get to the damn winners already!"

We are happy to announce the winners of the "Meme the Hammer & Win!" Contest are:


The Future by Tweek wins free Hammer #1

The first free Hammer Vaporizer goes to Tweek, who submitted the meme below via

Tweek submitted quite a few memes, but this one makes us laugh harder than any other. The image and text fit together seemlessly and you can almost hear those words are coming out of Fry's mouth. This meme got a bunch of "likes" on and was well recieved both on Facebook and Twitter. With it's combination of humor, creativity and viral impact, this meme takes the top prize. So to Tweek we say, congrats and please let us know how those nachos are.


The Hammer, It's Sickle by pakalolo wins free Hammer #2

The 2nd free Hammer Vaporizer goes to pakalolo, who submitted the meme below via 

Something about this one just works. The use of the Hammer itself in the image was nice, but the choice of words was something that just makes us say "hell yeah!" This was the most "liked" member meme on and that's a big reason why it's our 2nd free Hammer winner. Congrats to pakalolo, we think you're "Sickle" as well!


Hammer For Freedom by 1_gr8_underdog wins the free Hammer t-shirt

The winner of the free Hammer t-shirt goes is 1_gr8_underdog who also submitted via

In addition to getting more Facebook likes and Twitter tweets than any other meme, we also loved the message this meme conveyed. The Hammer truly is about giving the user the versatitlty and freedom to vaporize ANY WAY and ANYTHING they want. To 1_gr8_underdog we offer a final congrats... please let us know what size you want your FREE(dom) t-shirt in.


If you were one of the three winners above, please contact us via email or direct message on FC with your shipping address as soon as possible so we can mail your prizes out early next week.

If you weren't a winner, you have a few days left to pick our Super Bowl Bundle at a super low price by contacting us at the same links above to get an additional 10% off the already-pretty-darn-cheap sale price.

One last big THANK YOU to all that participated and tuned in. Hopefully this contest has been as much fun for you all as it was for us. To close the contest, we would like to offer one final meme:

Written by Hammer Vaporizer — February 01, 2013

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