Cold beer, finger food and the Hammer Vaporizer... Super Bowl 47 is almost upon us! What better way to enjoy the game than with the Hammer Vaporizer in hand, sharing those sweet vapor hits with good friends as you cheer on your favorite team.

A few weeks ago, we added an Extra Deep Glass Mouthpieces to our accessories collection for those of you that wanted a stem that packed a little more punch. The Extra Deep Mouthpiece is the SUPER BOWL for the Hammer giving you the abilty to load TWICE AS MUCH material as you can with the standard mouthpiece.

So to celebrate the addition of our own SUPER BOWL, we are offering a special deal on the Hammer Vaporizer with 2 BONUS Extra Deep Mouthpieces for $109.99. These two items together usually retail for $159.98 combined, so that's a savings of over $50!

We have also reduced the regular price for the Hammer Vaporizer to $99.99 during the sale for those of you that don't want the Extra Deep stems. So whatever happens during the game, grab one of these two specials on the Hammer Vaporizer while you can and EVERBODY WINS!

Hammer Vaporizer Super Bowl Bundle - $109.99


Hammer Vaporizer Standard Bundle - $99.99


Whichever option you choose, your order will be shipped FREE on the same or next business day and should arrive in plenty of time for the game if you order by the end of this week (1/25). 

With our new international shipping options, you can take advantage of this great deal even if you won't be watching the Super Bowl.

Written by Hammer Vaporizer — January 21, 2013

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