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The critically acclaimed Hammer Vaporizer was released in 2012 and has widely become known as one of the most durable, efficient and versatile portable vaporizers in the world. With several improvements to the original Hammer's design, the Hammer PRO Vaporizer will be the last vaporizer you will ever need to buy!

Are you ready to GET HAMMERED with us?

The Hammer PRO is a compact, butane-powered Portable Vaporizer created to be the most versatile & efficient vaporizer in the world. With its unique design, the Hammer PRO gives you the freedom to vaporize wherever and whenever you want, using one of our many accessories or with your own glass pieces.

The Hammer PRO provides a premium vaporization experience that produces powerful, clean vapor in 30 seconds or less by separating the airpath from the exhaust. It can be refilled in just seconds instead of hours like other portable vaporizers, no batteries, no charging, no cords.

It’s extremely durable, so your Hammer PRO will always be the #1 tool in your vaporization toolbox. GET HAMMERED with us today and start your journey to NO MORE WISPY HITS.

The Hammer PRO Vaporizer is:

At under 5" tall, the Hammer PRO can easily fit in your pocket or purse. It's powered by butane, so it can go virtually anywhere, no electricity required.

Most vaporizers provide a soft, wispy vapor. The Hammer PRO feels closer to smoking than any other vaporizer, but without the harmful effects of combustion.

The Hammer PRO is made from high temperature composite and stainless steel. The simplified design means there are few problems that will ever occur with normal usage.

The Hammer PRO allows you to choose how you want to vaporize. Whether it's using your favorite piece of glass, or one of our handblown custom accessories, the Hammer PRO is the right tool for any situation.

Air passes directly through a stainless steel heat exchanger and then through a borosilicate glass tube. The vapor that you are breathing stays pure, with no butane exhaust.

The small, single serving bowl helps you conserve. The Hammer PRO uses 60-75% less materials on average than other vaporizers require for normal usage.

But don't just take our word for it...

The Hammer Vaporizer holds a special place in the world of Vaporizers. I've tried Vaporizers that depend on butane, batteries, cords & lighters. But, I must say The Hammer is amazing at getting large, efficient, dense clouds of vapor.
The Hammer is a powerful tool that serves one purpose, to produce big clouds of clean, pure vapor. Simple, fast and effective.
What you’ll also notice with the Hammer is that it produces a nice dense vapor. Probably the closest thing to “smoking” without actually smoking.

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